Jacksonville: It stinks to be you right now!

A 48-hour boil order. What a pain.

A two-week boil order. What a nightmare!

Jacksonville is entering its second week of a boil and water conservation order. TWO WEEKS! And the water is not expected to be fit to drink for days beyond that even. That goes beyond inconvenience and into intolerable territory.

Mother Nature gets the blame for this one, dumping eight inches of rain over a period of hours. The flash flooding was wicked. And when clean water at the treatment plant mixes with filth from the streets, damaging equipment and generally fouling things up, this is the result. Oy vey! I can't even imagine.

A high school friend of mine lives in Jacksonville. She wrote on Facebook: "I just want a clean hot shower! I just want to do my laundry! I just want to clean my house. Did I just say clean my house and do laundry? I must be really sick! ;-)"

It's difficult to even imagine what Jacksonville residents are going through. The people I know with wind damage shake their heads and wonder how the people in Joplin manage. Somehow, we get through our difficulties together, and learn to appreciate our blessings. As my friend Kim points out, "You don't miss the water until the well has run dry."

Take care~Sarah D.