Illinois River flood waters rising

Folks on the Illinois River are fighting against rising flood waters.

A flood warning has been in effect for communities along the Illinois River since March.

But this week the river went up fast due to heavy rains and swelling watersheds to the North.

The river now sits 13 feet above flood stage.

Closed roads and flooded streets are what greets drivers along the Illinois River these days.

Flood waters began rising last weekend and have taken over the riverfront area.

Now the only vehicles on some city streets are boats, as murky floodwater gradually creeps into businesses and homes.

Some residents spent Thursday night pumping out the local American Legion, but most are just taken aback at the huge increase of river levels in just the last couple of days.

Kampsville residents are shocked. Water is going up so fast many residents are concerned for their local museum and grocery store along Route 100.

Is this a shock?

Life-long resident Arleen Rushing said, "Yes, we weren't expecting this. We expected a crest last Wednesday and here it rained again over the weekend and now what's it going to do?"

With next week's expected rains, some lifelong residents like Arleen Rushing are concerned the worst may be yet to come.

What are you thinking right now?

Rushing said, "I'm wondering if we're going to have another flood of '93. I'm wondering if our levees are going to hold up."

During the flood of '93, residents here were almost cut off from the world. It was a three-hour trip one way to get to Jerseyville, which is only 25 miles down the road. Now residents here can only watch and wait...wondering how much more water is coming, and what will happen to their town down the road.

As of last night, the Illinois River at Beardstown was more than 13 feet above flood stage. It's expected to crest Saturday evening.