Hannibal residents react to flood

Residents in the south part of Hannibal still are dealing with the mess from the high water. Scattered toys and wrecked cars still remain as evidence of the flood. We asked residents what the past 24 hours have been like.

"My sister was up at 5:30 in the morning and we had no water out here. I got up about 20 after 7 and came out and it was back up over there by the trash," Rhodes said.

This is what the Rhodes home looked like Tuesday. This is what it looks like today. After pumping for more than 24 hours, there are only small clues that there were almost 3 feet of water in their back yard.

"This is the first time in over 30 years that this place has been flooded because of this levee along here. This levee needs to be built up. That's what needs to happen here," said Deborah Rhodes.

A few streets over, this little girl was inside her house Tuesday morning when the water came across the street.

"Destiny's mom let me get on her back, she was walking and picked me up and took me to Livey's house because she didn't have water in her yard," said five year old Stormy Rickey .

Neighbors around the area still have unanswered questions.

"We would like to know what happened. I think a lot of people in town would like to know what happened because 3.4 inches of rain is not enough to cause this. There's no way," Rhodes said.

We've heard many rumors about Bear Creek Dam during Tuesday's flash flooding. And the damage is affecting more than just the residents of this neighborhood.

"I didn't even go through it, my family did. And it's been devistating to them," said Tisha Reeves.

We also spoke with Marion County Emergency Management Director John Hark. He said the city is doing everything it can to try and help.

"We've got a tremendous amount of water behind Bear Creek Dam. Bear Creek Dam held and did its job. The gates was closed. This was simple. Every tributary within the city was inundated. Many, many of them dump into Bear Creek and unfortunately we had a flash flood," Hark said.


The following information was issued in a press release from Cpl. Darrin DeLaPorte of the Hannibal Police Department:

There have been many false reports that the Bear Creek Dam has broken.

The dam has been inspected and is functioning properly.

We ask that the media groups make an announcement about this as soon as possible as there have been numerous questions regarding this.

Authority Hannibal Emergency Management John Hark