Hannibal budget proposes several upgrades, no job cuts

Hannibal's city council gave a first reading to a proposed budget for the next fiscal year Tuesday night

The proposed budget for the city of Hannibal's upcoming fiscal year was given a first reading at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

According to WTAD, the city has proposed a $20 million budget.

It accounts for $10.4 million in planned expenditures and a general fund income of $10.9 million. These figures would allow the city to add to its reserve fund for the first time in 3 years.

As part of the budget, city employees would not receive a raise, but no city jobs would be cut.

However, members of the firefighters union would receive a 1-percent raise as part of a prior union agreement.

The budget includes several planned improvements for the city of Hannibal, including upgrades to the pool at the Hannibal Aquatic Center. A cost of the upgrades was not discussed.

Playing fields would also be built on South Main Street at a flood buyout property owned by the city.

The Hannibal Police Department would also receive seven new vehicles under the proposed budget. The department currently has a fleet of six.