Ft. Madison faces off with flooding

Ben Wasmund and his co-workers at Alliant Energy have teamed up since Tuesday to fill and stack sand bags to protect this Lee County Sub Station from flooding.

'We've been working long hours," he said. "It's all going to be done and they're not going to have a thing to worry about."

The sub station supplies power to area homes and businesses. If it floods ... "everyone wouldn't have power," Wasmund said.

But the sub station isn't the only important area to protect in Lee County.

"Here in Ft. Madison they've got sandbags out through out the city at critical facilities like the water treatment facility," Lee County Emergency management coordinator Stephen Cirinna said. "They've got some lift stations in Riverview Park they're protecting in that area also."

Cirinna says officials also are raising the levee in the Green Bay Levee Drainage District, in Montrose they're blocking culverts and in Keokuk they've put up a rockwall in Victory Park.

"Flooding is actually one of the things you can prepare for and that's what we're doing right now," Cirinna said.

Cirinna says evacuations aren't necessary but he does encourage residents to continue to watch the rising river levels. If you have a boat, he has a message for you.

"Stay off the Mississippi," Cirinna said. "With that current out there and there's a lot of junk in the water, large trees being washed off the bank and who knows what else is coming off the bank that you can possibly hit."

When asked about the worst case scenario, Cirinna said, "If we get any other rain like we did earlier this week and on the weekend that's really going to create some issues for us."

Until then officials say stay on alert and let them do their jobs.

"We've got it all taken care of," Wasmund said.

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