FEMA & IEMA brief on how to apply for public assistance

More than 50 people showed up to get state and federal Public Assistance for recent flood damage.

A meeting at John Wood Community College Friday, September 24th briefed potential applicants on the detail and procedures of how to apply.

The assistance is to repair public structures damaged in flooding between July 19th through August 7th 2010.

We spoke with Sny Island Levee Drainage District Superintendent Mike Reed at the meeting.

He says flooding caused severe damage to one of the main pumps, which could cost up to $400,000 to repair.

"We'll obviously it puts us in a real strain. This year has been a real strain on everybody's budgets. The disaster declaration that they made is going to at least help us recoup some of the extraordinary costs that all of us have had to absorb this year," said Reed.

The disaster declaration was made on September 13th.

Qualifying organizations have 30 days to apply for public assistance.