Extent of flood-related ag land damage trickles in

Flooding on the Mississippi closed the Memorial Bridge and forced two lanes of traffic on the Bayview Bridge.

As the rain-swollen Mississippi River continues its plodding retreat, the economic toll is trickling in.

Officials say it's too early to offer a sweeping estimate of the flood's financial cost. But the USDA says at least 383,000 acres of crops have been destroyed and 2 million damaged in Iowa and Illinois alone due to excessive rain, flash flooding, and flooding on the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Crop damage in Missouri hasn't yet been reported to the USDA.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it still is getting preliminary damage assessments.

Buyouts of flood-prone property since the flood of 1993 - and newer, bigger levees - have limited damage this time around. But this flood ranks among the 10 highest ever in several locations.