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      Clarksville waiting out flood waters

      Clarksville, Missouri is vowing to not let the Mississippi River get the best of them.

      In fact, the riverfront town is trying to stay ahead of it.

      "We have prisoners coming today and we have more sand being delivered today just in case, this town has been through enough floods that we know the Mississippi can tease us from time to time," Mayor Jo Anne Smiley, mayor of Clarksville, said.

      The town received a lot of help with this yearâ??s flood efforts.

      That is because the town cannot afford this yearâ??s flood fight.

      Mayor Smiley says Clarksville just finished paying off last yearâ??s flood efforts.

      Clarksville has received help from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway in the form of sandbags and sand. Governor Nixon has sent prisoners to help fill those sandbags.

      Also, Americorp Saint Louis sent help like they normally do.

      "We have a pretty good relationship with the city, with Mayor Smiley as well as the emergency manager director here, on Wednesday we made contact with the emergency manager, came on up, assess the situation and immediately started going to work," William Burks, an Americorp Volunteer, said.

      Burks says the first action they always take is to talk with local home and business owners to assess their needs and wants.

      Mayor Smiley says one wish of the town was quite simple.

      "Please do not put up a wall that prevents the view of the river being available at all times to tourists and to us as a community," Mayor Smiley said.

      In fact, Fitchett Bros Diner, a local favorite, was open and helping itsâ?? regulars over the many sandbags in the downtown area.

      And the United Methodist Church, who has been feeding the many volunteers who aid the town for years, was up early as well, fixing food and receiving donations at 7 oâ??clock in the morning.

      Mayor Smiley says Clarksville is ok, but making it through the flood season will remain the top priority.