Champ Clark Bridge closure doesn't stop residents

Champ Clark Bridge

Champ Clark Bridge became the first bridge closure of the 2014 flood season. But one Illinois resident did not let that stop him from getting to work on time.

"There's probably about four foot of water out in the lane in one lane, so itâ??s really easy to walk, you could probably drive it but I guess they are just being careful," Pleasant Hill resident Doug Johns said.

Johns works in a quarry in Louisiana, Missouri. He said they learned from officials last night that he can walk across.

He said his commute took longer than usual. Normally, it takes about 15 minutes from his home in Pleasant Hill, Illinois.

"Probably made it in about fifteen, ten to fifteen minutes, I'm hoping to catch one of my coworkers up here but I probably got another thirty minutes if I walk it,â?? Johns said.

Johns also predicts he will not be the only one walking across ... and he was right.

Joe McGlynn made the fifteen to twenty minute trek and had a ride waiting on him on the Missouri side. McGynn is also a Pleasant Hill resident.

McGlynn says it beats the two hour detour that other Pleasant Hill residents took Monday morning.

"In the car itâ??s not too bad, but still a tank will last me a month and it would last me two or three days now probably," another Pleasant Hill resident, Kris Hausmann, said.

Hausmann and her husband drove an hour north to Hannibal and another hour south to Louisiana to get to work Monday morning.

All three Pleasant Hill residents hope the water will recedes soon and also say change is due as well.

"We need to get this other big bridge up, so we don't have to do this anymore," Johns said.

At this time, there is not a date set to reopen the Champ Clark Bridge.

Also, early Monday morning the Memorial Bridge leading into Quincy was closed as well. Bayview Bridge was converted to one lane each for eastbound and westbound traffic.