Area destroyed by Flood of 2008 ready to reopen

UPDATED: June 8 at 6:05 a.m.

A popular fishing spot at Mark Twain Lake is reopening to the public this weekend after a four year closure.

The Corps of Engineers at Mark Twain Lake will reopen the Bluffview Recreation Area today at 7:30 for daylight use.

It's been closed to the public since 2008, when the corps released flood water from the Clarence Cannon Dam.

That release burst a dam downstream and wrecked the recreation area, as well as farmland and homes.



After almost three years in the making, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is about to reopen the Bluff View Recreation Area at Mark Twain Lake.

The Bluff View Recreation area includes that land and and around the reregulation dam that is below the Clarence Cannon Dam along the Salt River.

The recreation area was badly damaged during the Flood of 2008 because of all of the flood water that was released through the Cannon Dam that summer.

Ever since that time, contractors have been working the area and fixing all of the damage that was done.

The contractor began his work back in February of 2011 and completed his portion of the work last October.

Now the only work left is to lay new asphalt on the roads and back fill areas along the new sidewalks.

The Corps of Engineers wants to make sure they provide a safe experience for the people who use the recreational area.

"We were able to get about 60% of that done before weather jumped in and hampered our efforts. We were unable to address a lot of the safety issues that were there and because we could not address them. We couldn't open it. We did not want to offer an unsafe environment to people to come recreate here at the lake. There's an expectation of safety when they come here and we wanted to provide that and just couldn't do it here," Allen Mehrer who is with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Mark Twain Lake said.

The area was once popular for fishermen and now the Corps of Engineers hopes it will be an area that regains popularity.