Westview Golf Course opens for the season

Photo Credit: Photo by: Chad Douglas

For some, the first signs of spring are daffodils and robins.

For others, it's the start of spring training for Major League Baseball.

And for others it's opening day of the golf course.

Wednesday is that day for golfers in Quincy as Westview officially opened for the season.

For most golfers, that first swing of the year can be kind of stiff. But it's not for Marcin Dadello. This isn't his first time out on the course.

"I was out the second of January," says Dadello.

Dadello is used to the cold...and used to golf. He spent his first 16 years of life in Scotland.

"I also lived in New Zealand," says Dadello.

OK, so he'd prefer the warmer weather. While we were at Westview, the temperature was 38 degrees.

And that's not including the wind chill. At least you can see what direction the wind is blowing. Matt Burry is the Director of Golf for the Quincy Park District. He says this is the first time in a couple of years the golf course has been opened in February.

"It's weather dependent all the time. We could be shut back down next week. It kind of depends on whhat happens, what comes up," says Burry.

And the course is actually in really good shape, even though 20 plus inches of snow just melted.

"I was very surprised myself. Last week, on Wednesday, I walked out and water was going over my shoes. Three days later, it was really dry," says Burry.

Because of that, there are no restrictions on where you take the golf carts. When it comes down to it, it may be cold and somewhat miserable weather-wise, but the die hard golfers all come for the same reason.

"Fresh air, enjoyment, and just good exercise," says Dadello.

That's right, who cares about the score this early in the season.