The 'do makes the dress

Prom season is here.

While much of the focus is on the dress, what you do with your hair can make or break your look.

When picking out a hairstyle for prom or your wedding, be realistic. Consider your current hair style and length, as well as the best look for your dress. Then it's best to arrive at your appointment with an idea or even a picture of what you want.

That's the word from Kris Kutcher, a stylist and the owner of Kristopher's in Quincy.

While you might think you need to wash your hair before getting an up-do, Kutcher says the opposite is true.

Kutcher said, "If you shampoo your hair the morning before or the day before it's nice because having the hair with a little bit of texture or tact to it, iot's easier for us to get the style into it. If it's too clean, it's smooth and slick. It looks nice and feels nice but it's difficult to get the structure into the hair."

Make your appointment well in advance and remember to get a trim and color touch-up before your prom up-do appointment.

Kutcher said, "So you don't end up showing regrowth."

Some of the styles trending right now include side buns and pony tails.