Storm takes out several trees at Hannibal Country Club

One of the areas hit hard during Monday night's storm was the Hannibal Country Club.

There are quite a few damaged trees that you can see by just driving past the golf course along Palmyra Road.

The president of the board said this storm will change the look of the golf course for years to come.

"The thing that hits you was coming down the street. You could hardly get down the street, so you knew the interior was going to be just as bad and a golf course just naturally has a lot of lined fairways with trees and we got the wind," Ralph Shaw said.

Shaw said he's never seen anything like this before in Hannibal. Now he's hoping Bob Terstriep and his tree crew can get these trees and debris removed that litter the entire golf course.

Terstriep said his wood chipper can take limbs and trees anywhere from 15 to 18 inches in diameter.

He said he expects to haul away between 25 and 30 loads of wood chips during the next several days. Each truckload can hold up to eight tons.

But Terstriep also said there are some definite dangers associated with such a major cleanup and so many damaged trees.

"Generally, I would say it is the big trees that are down. A lot of pressure here and there. Another thing is major hangers up in the tops of trees that are twisted, barely hanging on, difficult to get down. Very dangerous," Terstriep said.

So with that in mind, Shaw said the club wants to make sure the course is safe and cleaned up. He hopes to have the course up and running within the next seven to 10 days.