Shovelhead II: Biker/panty quilter dresses mannequins too

Shovelheadâ??s a 59-year-old Harley enthusiast / Danny Henley/Hannibal Courier-Post

Long before Louis Shovelhead Garrett started stitching his now-famous panty quilt, he was dressing mannequins in his mother TMs basement.

I know, that TMs a disconcerting sentence. It even gave me the willies as I flashed back to scenes from Silence of the Lambs. But Shovelhead softened the blow when he told me most of his 16 mannequins he dresses in vintage early 1900 TMs clothes.

I like the old stuff, he explained. Now, he does have a few of his mannequins dressed in lingerie, but that TMs how ol TM Shovelhead rolls. I love beautiful women.

If you haven TMt yet heard about Shovelhead, here TMs some background. Shovelhead TMs a 59-year-old Harley enthusiast who has the unusual hobby of creating quilts out of women TMs undergarments. Read all about it here .

Shovelhead TMs original art involves collecting mannequins and storing them in the basement of his mother TMs house in Louisiana, Mo., where he rents a room.

I don TMt know what started him on that, Shovelhead TMs mom, Joan Myers told me. He TMs always bringing stuff home. I haven TMt been in his room in a long, long time. You can TMt hardly walk in there. In fact, his collection grew to the point that the mannequins had to move out, and take up residence in a travel trailer.

I asked Mrs. Myers what kind of kid Shovelhead was growing up. She described him as a neat freak.

I can TMt believe he turned into this motorcycle riding, long-haired tattooed guy.

Not that Mrs. Myers minds. She TMs proud of her son. As for the quilt sewn from 58 pair of women TMs panties: I thought it turned out kind of neat. He was so proud of that quilt; he wouldn TMt let anyone touch it.

While Shovelhead is very fond of his panty quilt, his first love is Mary Ann, his Harley motorcycle. I love that HOG. I give her a hug and a kiss every day.

And his love of motorcycles gives him a chance to display yet another talent. Check out the pictures we TMve posted of his motorcycle sketches. For critics who say Shovelhead isn TMt an artist, these pictures show he definitely has talent, whether his medium is silk underwear or paper and pen.

Next week: Shovelhead goes viral. We TMll show you how the panty quilt has captured the attention of the nation, and even countries outside our borders.

Take care ~Sarah