Saint Patrick, Missouri draws national attention

An Ireland tradition became an American one Saturday in Saint Patrick, Mo. Hundreds of people flooded the streets to play Irish Road Bowling.

This second annual event drew in 40 teams of four, competing against each other in a sport that is said to be a mix of golf and bowling.

The point of the game is for your team to roll to the finish line with the least amount of rolls. The amount of players from last year's event doubled. Awards are handed out for first place, last place, and best dressed. This specific tournament requires that you carry a beverage of your choice in your unused hand.

The road bowling phenomenon isn't the only event in town that draws in the crowds.

The Saint Patrick, Mo. Post Office came into existence in 1854. Since this town is the only Saint Patrick in the country, it offers a novelty no one else can. People come from around the country to send a post card with a Saint Patrick mark on it.

Malinda Poulter attended a meeting where the future of the post office was on the line. She says more than a thousand people showed up wanting to keep the post office as is.

"We will do our best to make sure that it stays open. We really love this little town and it's a good town and it is probably one of the smallest towns. I don't know exactly how many people live in this town but I know it is not very many," Poulter said.

Since it was created, the Saint Patrick post office closed down four times and re-opened again.

As for now, it remains a landmark for the city, state, and the country.