Restaurant prepares for Super Bowl rush

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and all throughout Quincy, people are wondering which team will come out on top. Some Quincy residents prepared for the big game at their nearby sports bar.

On game-day, traditions and rituals reign supreme helping give your team get the edge over the other guys. Ashley Mcclain said her ritual helps her prepare for a busy day on the job.

"We have several things that we do to gear up for games, a lot of times we give high fives and other times we do superstar moves. Just anything that will get us energized for what's about to come," she said.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Quincy saw a number of people who wanted to get a quick bite before gametime. Mcclain said by the time the game begins, people are generally settled in at their humble abode.

"We should get more business because we are giving away a T.V. today at halftime during the super bowl. But normally it is more of a home party day. But like I said we will be inundated with to go orders all day long," Mcclain said.