Quincy's largest 'Big Read' planned - Old West Style

The Quincy Public Library is set to kick off its 6th annual Big Read event September 12.

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This year's the library chose "True Grit," the story of a tough, scoundrel of a U.S. Marshal who helps a stubborn young woman track down her father's murderer.

It's also considered to be one of the greatest American novels. The 2013 Big Read is expected to be the largest ever for the Quincy Public Library.

This year the library will distribute 1500 digital and hard copies of the book to people all over the community.

Library adult program specialist Jamie Gower says it's like bringing all those people together inside the same room to read the same book; chapter by chapter.

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"We are excited because it brings the communtiy together to promote literacy," Gower said.

The book was selected because of its ties to Quincy back in the 1870's.

"Quincy back in the 1870's faced many of the problems and issues described in 'True Grit,'" Librarian Ruth Cuthbertson said. "The city was booming at the time, and was actually the second largest city in Illinois back in 1870. So the city faced issues of morality, vigilante justice and people taking the law into their own hands."

Events for all ages are planned to celebrate this old western edition of the Big Read in Quincy.

So from book discussion groups for the adults, to arts and crafts for the kids; this year's Big Read is sure to be as rowdy and adventurous as the characters in the featured novel.

There will also be activities for teenagers who participate in the Big Read.

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