Quincy Service League makes reading fun for Adams County students

Each Adams Elementary student receives one free book from the Quincy Service League

It can be a struggle to get kids interested in reading, but a non-profit organization in Adams County might be able to help.

The Quincy Service League is on a mission to make sure grade school students have more books to read at home.

Reading is Fundamental is the message volunteers from the Quincy Service League want to share with students at Adams Elementary.

"RIF is one of our projects, one of Service's projects and we try to get books into the hands of kids and encourage reading," Quincy Service League Member Kristy May said.

More than three times a year, the Service League visits the school to spread the word.

Inside the school's cafeteria, volunteers read and act out a short story to make the reading fun for students.

"We just try to do a skit or something or least have some kind of prop to, you know make, the children laugh, or entertain them and get through the book and see if they understand the moral of the book," May said.

After listening to a short story, each student selects one book from a collection of books donated by the Quincy Service League to take home.

Students get to choose from more than 300 educational or fantasy books.

The kids sign their names inside the books front jacket and the League stamps it to authenticate that it's their book.

Teachers say, RIF allow students an opportunity to find a book they're actually interested in reading.

"It's a great program, especially to offer them the free book, because a lot of the kids don't have the chance to read at home," Adams Elementary Kindergarten teacher Laken Schreacke said.

Volunteers say, one of RIF's goals is to make sure each student has one book to read with his or her family.

"It makes us feel really good because the kids get really excited to have something of their own, and we encourage them to write their name in it and just have something to call their own," May said.

All of the donated books to the Adams Elementary students are paid for by the Quincy Service Leagues Holiday Gift Show.