Quincy man dances into controversy

Hundreds of people showed their finest dance moves at the Quincy Mall to show support for the one and only Quincy Dancing Man.

Larry Toolate, better known as the Dancing Man, was recently asked to refrain from dancing at the mall.

Soon after this information hit social media, a plan was made to have the mall reconsider.

Participants will move to the grooves of the song Safety Dance on Saturday morning.

Luke Westberg created the flash mob protest through Facebook suggestions. He considers the flash mob to be a success, but does not know whether it has changed the minds of the mall administrators.

The event ended with the Dancing Man strutting his moves as the crowd chanted, 'Let Him Dance!'

Toolate said it was great to dance in front of such a large crowd. He said that was the most people he has ever danced for.

When we attempted to reach the mall for reactions to the flash mob, they said administrators will not be available for comment until Monday.

"I don't know what I was thinking when I created the group. I was hoping to get a group of people who were really big fans of the dancing man, maybe thirty people would be fun just to dance through the mall, turn a couple heads, raise some awareness. Maybe the mall will change their mind on their policy," Westberg said. Click here to see the Facebook event page.

In a statement on Facebook, a representative of the Quincy Mall wrote, "We are unable to respond to individual messages with regards to â??The Dancing Manâ??. All patrons are asked to follow the rules of the mall, which is private property. In no way was Larry â??bannedâ?? from the mall, he was politely asked to refrain from dancing throughout the common area of the mall and we would like to thank him for complying with our request. Our ultimate concern is for the safety of our tenants and guests."

At this time, it is unknown what prompted the mall to ask Toolate to refrain from dancing, but we've seen two different opinions on this - 1. They are a business and can make safety guidelines. 2. Just let the man dance, he doesn't seem to be hurting anyone.

We asked our readers on Facebook about this and we got hundreds of responses. Click here to join in the conversation.

Christa Byrnes wrote in our Facebook thread, "Let him dance. We need more people like him. This world is getting too serious and too ridiculous. I hope hundreds show up tomorrow. SHARE SHARE SHARE this event! I have to work, but support the event!"

Jennifer Mcnay wrote, "I think dancing should be considered freedom of speech."

On the other side of the issue, Melissa Tabor Baker wrote, "Yes he should be stopped. If he wants to act crazy he needs to stay home."

What side did you take? Did you participate in the flash mob?