Q.U. mock debate exposes students to the both sides of the presidential debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney defended their positions Monday night on the Quincy University campus ... sort of.Actually the school's cafeteria was the site a mock debate.Two teachers from the school studied and took on the roles of the candidates and defended their positions on a variety of issues.Dr. Megan Boccardi, an assistant professor of History at QU, says a mock debate like this shows the students that they have a stake in the outcome of this election.

"I think that students oftentimes find themselves lost in this process of the election. They think they're vote doesn't count and they don't necessarily understand things. So if you can have them here and can recognize what's happening, I think it pulls them into the election process," Boccardi said.

The event was organized by the president of the QU Student senate.Dr. Boccardi hopes events like this will get students involved in the election process, not only on the national and state level, but on the local level as well.