Popular Girl Scout day camps held in temporary home

"Instead of playing on a video game all day, you get to hang out with your friends during the Summer," Kayla Walker said.

Area girls are getting in touch with nature this week.

The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois held a "Water Otters" Community Day Camp for girls entering first through fifth grade.

The organization continues to hold events at Camp Sacajawea in Quincy because they have yet to find a permanent campsite.

Camp Sacajawea has played host to many different day camps for the Girl Scouts.

This week's day camp will spotlight on water related activities, crafts and swimming.

"Instead of playing on a video game all day, you get to hang out with your friends during the Summer. It just gives girls something to do, something to connect with people and just have fun," Kayla Walker a four year member of the Girl Scouts said.

"It really gives them an opportunity to get outside in nature, kind of learn about how to take care of nature, we do go over that with the girls. It gives them an opportunity to be outside, have fun during the Summer, and just really get to meet other girls and just have fun," Girl Scout Program Specialist Jessica Foster said.

Representatives from the organization say they are still in the process of searching for a permanent campsite to call home.

A year ago, the organization had looked at a proposed site at Hickory Grove, but the city council denied the permit request.

"Right now, we're still currently in the process of looking for a location. We want to make sure that the location that we find meets our needs that we need for the girls," Foster said.

Representatives say, the search for a new campsite, is a long one.

"The process of looking takes a little bit of time, so it's constantly outgoing, it's in the forefront of what we're doing. It's a priority of ours," Foster explained.

The Girl Scouts former residence was Camp Wildwood in Mount Sterling.

The organization sold that property in 2011, sighting declining use and interest.