Open house prepares the masses for Spring Collector Car Auction

Car lovers from around the nation gravitated towards Hamilton, Illinois Sunday


The annual Sullivan Auctioneers Spring Collector Cars Auction begins Monday, b

ut on Sunday buyers, sellers, and admirers were given the chance to see some of the merchandise.

It is one of the largest collections of vehicles you will find in the area.

Sullivan Auctioneers gave a taste of what the Spring Collector Car auction will be like to the public.

About 300 vehicles are included in the auction.

This includes cars, motorcycles and sometimes boats.

According to Dan Sullivan, co-owner of Sullivan Auctioneers, this is one of the few auctions where people can submit bids online.

"Folks can go online and bid at the comfort of their home. And not only in this area, but in other parts of the country. I know in last spring collector car auction, we sold items to the country of Mexico, of course Canada, and all over the country," Sullivan said.

This weekend is considered beneficial for the surrounding community.

"You know a lot of these small towns are struggling anymore. You start talking about excess of three thousand people travelling through the town. This kind of helped the businesses, the restaurants, the convenient stores, etcetera ... so we are glad to be a small part of that," Sullivan said.

The auction begins Monday at 9 a.m. at Sullivan's Auctioneers site.