Local pawn shop owner featured on the History Channel

Pawn Plus in Macomb, Ill.

A local business owner is set to appear on the History Channel Wednesday night.

Bob McCullough, the owner of Pawn Plus in Macomb, will appear on two April 25, 2012 episodes of SOLD! ... a new TV series on the History Channel. McCullough has been working with a production company and Bryant Auction (the host of the show) to develop the series.

He'll appear in a few episodes this season as a buyer. Wednesday night's shows featuring McCullough will air on The History Channel at 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. central time.

SOLD! was filmed live at Bryant Auction in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

Bryant Auction holds a weekly auction on Thursday evenings, selling everything one can imagine. SOLD! focuses on some of the more exotic and historical items that come across the block. The crew at Bryant Auction has the unique ability to sell valuable items and at the same time entertain their crowd. This unique style is what is capturing the viewers across America.

Pawn Plus Inc. is a full service Pawn Shop located in Macomb, Ill. Pawn Plus specializes in providing small, short term collateralized loans to its customers on most items of value. In addition to short term loans Pawn Plus also offers to purchase many items on an outright basis and offers those items for retail sale.