Local library uses puppets to promote reading

Free puppet and marionette shows at the Quincy Public Library

The Quincy Public Library has offered free puppet and marionette shows for years during the Fall, Winter and Spring months.

Natascha Will is the Children's Events Specialist with the Library and one of the talented puppeteers behind the scenes in the Children's theater. These days the library is going back to classic stories and scripts like Little Red Riding Hood to fill in the gaps for today's children. Click here to find out how tales are picked for the monthly show.

Will says preparation for each production takes weeks. Click here to watch more from KHQA This Morning.

"We do three practices before each show and that's just with manipulating the puppets," Will said. "We also sit down and read the script and the lights and mics. We wear microphones so people in the audience can hear us."

Click here to go behind the stage of the Quincy Public Library marionette show from KHQA This Morning.

Library officials say though the stories and puppets change, one thing has stayed the same.

"They come and enjoy. But at the same time they're learning; they're getting ready for school; they're learning to read," Ruth Cuthbertson, Marketing and Events Librarian at the Quincy Public Library said. While marionettes are fun to watch and manipulate, children are taking in more than just entertainment.

"They're learning about words and vocabulary and listening," Cuthbertson said. "What it's like to work in a group and sit down for a story time and that sort of thing."

Cuthbertson says learning those skills early on is important for everyone. Click here to hear more about the skills children learn from KHQA This Morning.

"That translates into success in high school, higher graaduatio0n rates for our community and better success in life as they get jobs," Cuthbertson said.

Marionette shows take place in the Quincy Public Library Children's Department the first full week of each month. Click here for a complete schedule of showings for the upcoming production of "A whiz of a wiz".

Meanwhile The Big Read continues until October 15. Click here for information on how you can get involved.

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