Hannibal art gallery celebrates local artists

Hannibal art gallery celebrates local artists

If you were on Route 79 Saturday, then you may have stopped at one of the many art galleries taking part in the 50 Miles of Art event.

It's a tour that takes you through Hannibal, Louisiana, and Clarksville, Missouri's best art galleries and studios.

One of the galleries, The Alliance Art Gallery, showcased artwork made by some of the best artist in Hannibal.

Toto Foster Rendlen has helped many artists showcase their artwork on the walls of the Alliance Art Gallery.

Rendlen and a few other artists opened the gallery in 2003 to give local artists a place to display and sell their work.

"Artists are very strong individuals," Rendlen said. "But we definitely are pulling together to try to promote the fact that this is quite a large art community."

But on this particular Saturday in March, the gallery's artist get to share their work with a larger audience.

"50 Miles of Art is an opportunity to really take advantage of the wonderful artists that have located or have been here historically," Alliance Art Gallery fiber artist Ann Miller Titus said.

It's all possible thanks to a community project that happened many years ago.

"Twenty years ago with the Providence Project, there was some concerted effort to get people to come to the area.

People come from all across the country to see the galleries artwork.

"We drove down from Kansas City into Arkansas," Iowa resident Colleen Hollatz said. "We wanted to make sure this was part of our trip."

In addition to paintings, the gallery also displays a wide range of other styles of artwork.

"We have drawings, watercolor , acrylics, and pastels. We have jewelry makers," Titus said.

If you take a glance at any painting or other pieces of artwork, it reveals the Midwest's rustic influence on the artists.

"People do things that are specific to Hannibal or really specific to Quincy architecture or things like that," Titus said.

Rendlen and the other artists enjoy the sales of their artwork but it's the conversations with the customers they look forward, too.

"It brings people from all over the area to come up here, which has been great," Rendlen said.

If you are interested in checking out the Alliance Art Gallery or any of the other galleries or studios a part of the 50 Miles of Art, then you can head there Sunday for the final day of the tour.