Hanging out at The Main Hangout

The Main Hangout in Palmyra is more than just a place for kids to hangout. Kids can also learn how to stay active with dance.

When you walk into The Main Hangout the scenery makes you, well, want to hang out. Comfy chairs, video games, a pool table ... it's an environment fit for a teen.

But owner Ron Kraft still thought something was missing.

"The video games are nice but you also have to have other stuff for the kids to do," Kraft said. "We want to activate their minds, use their bodies because couch potatoes can eat the wrong food and get heavy. By dancing they're working some of that off, they're not just sitting around playing games."

Kraft approached Jaykob Voepel to help start The Main Hangout's dance department.

"I was a Disney Kid for three years so I've had plenty of dance styles so I wanted to take that and apply it," Voepel said. "Dance is something everyone can do, you can always teach rhythm. It gets kids off the couch, it gets them in here and every kid can dance," The Main Hangout dance instructor.

A lot of people are learning of all ages, even adults.

Kraft wants kids to leave the Hangout with more then just a favorite past time, he wants them to take away...

"Friendships, the knowledge that they're not out here in the world alone, that there are people that do care about them," Kraft said.