Bringing home the coveted mirror ball trophy

UPDATED: Feb. 4, 2012 at 10:13 a.m.

Emy Nutt and Frankie Murphy Giesing took home the mirrorball trophy from Friday night's Dancing with Local Stars.

The event was a fund raiser for Cornerstone, which provides mental health services to area families and children.

Mary Oakley and Gerry Kettler took home the People's Choice award for their dance to Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friends.

Dancing with Local Stars sold more than 700 tickets, which were $50 a piece.

Cornerstone's Humanitarian Awards for 2011 went to Rocky and Rhonda Murry and County Market/Niemann Foods Foundation.

KHQA's own Beau Hicks and Tegan Orpet also competed in the dance competition.


For the past few months,18 couples have had nothing but dancing on their mind. They have been preparing for the Dancing with the Local Stars Competition.

Much like the hit ABC show, each couple will perform one routine and get judged on it.

Our very own Tegan Orpet and Beau Hicks are competing Friday to bring home the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Beau Hicks and his dance partner Koretta Sykes will perform a jazz dance.

Tegan Orpet and her partner Rick Mewes will be doing a hip hop routine.

Dancing with the Local
Stars is a fund raiser for Cornerstone, which provides mental health counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and children.

Cornerstone Executive Director John Hirner says, "A lot of those services are funded by the state and everyone knows the state is not paying us. They are many months behind with their payments. This really enables us to continue our services that we provide to kids in our community."

Other competitors include:

Korey Haner and partner Sondi Brockmiller, Cheeks McGee and LeAnn Zwick, and Dave Johnson and Kate Bergman Martin will all perform jazz.

Lenny and Tricia Bart, Michael and Nadine Mitchell, Scott and Cindy Phillips, Roberto Stellino and Terry Britton, and Richie Hawkins and Mecki Kosin will perform a ballroom routine.

Robert and Erin Bentley, Joe Henning and Allison Hall, and Terry Traeder and Darla Pullins will either do a hip hop or tap dance.

Frankie Murphy Giesing and Emy Nutt, Dan Hayden and Jil Tracy, Chris Kelley and Melissa Reis, Gerry Kettler and Mary Oakley, and James Tomlinson and Megan Williams will do a disco/freestyle dance.