Archery interest growing with 'Hunger Games' popularity

The heroine of the Hunger Games movie is inspiring a new crop of archers of all ages.

Hunger Games fan Jordyn Holtmeyer said, "It's thrilling to be able to use a bow like Katniss did in the movie."

Normally bows are popular merely among hunters. But more and more women are taking up bow hunting. It's also a hobby for archery enthusiasts of all ages.

For example, Brooke Miller of Palmyra took up the hobby last year and now is a national title holder.

Charles Whitcomb is an archery manager at GameMasters in Quincy and an expert in his own right. The store offers free lessons these days.

He says before you pick up a bow - you have to get the right fit.

Whitcomb said, "You have to get a bow that is right for you. It has to have the right draw length and draw weight to make sure that the bow fits you and you can handle it properly."

Archery is not a physical, but a mental sport. So it's great for all ages and abilities.

You can get involved in archery in the Tri-States very easily.

The Wenois Field Archery Club holds events throughout the winter at the Southside Boat Club. It also holds 3D archery shoots during the summer. Click here to get to the Wenois Field Archery Club Facebook page.

You can also take free lessons at GameMasters in Quincy.

There is also an archery club in Northeast Missouri called the Broken Arrow Archery Club. Click here to contact members through Facebook.