The Bailey House Restaurant offers great food and history

An exterior shot of the Bailey House Restaurant

It's one of the most popular spots in Camp Point, Illinois.

Since it opened two years ago, the Bailey House Restaurant has provided families with great food.

However, a tragedy almost turned this restaurant's legacy into ashes.

Ted and Sara Lung had a dream to open a restaurant that paid tribute to Camp Point.

"We owned the building and we love Camp Point,â?? Sara Lung said. â??My husband and I grew up here. We've lived here all our lives, raised our children here."

They opened the Bailey House Restaurant a few years ago.

How they came up with the restaurant's name is an interesting story on its own.

"The second floor used to be; it housed the Bailey Opera House,â?? Sara Lung said. â??And so, therefore, that's how we came to the name of the restaurant. That it was built in 1893."

Unfortunately, a few weeks after opening, their dream turned into a nightmare.

"We opened in August of 2012 and after 60 days, we had a fire," Sara Lung said.

Instead of giving up and admitting defeat, the Lungs decided to remodel.

"We re-opened again in July of 2013," Sara Lung said.

But they didn't just re-open the same establishment.

They added an additional room that showcases some of Camp Point's history.

"Years ago, there used to be a Chautauqua assembly that was always held here in Camp Point in Bailey Park,â?? Sara Lung said. â??And so I found a lot of interesting information at the library. And also my grandmother, in her basement, she accumulated a lot of the photography."

Now, if you walk into this three-room establishment and take a look around, you'll see photos above every table that depict some of the most pivotal moments in Camp Point's history.

"The pictures all are from the late 1800s and early 1900s," Sara Lung said.

Speak with any of the customers inside, and they'll tell you why it's such a popular place.

"The choices in Camp Point, as far as restaurants, are somewhat limited and to have a restaurant like this in Camp Point is a real plus for the community," customer Bill Stalder said.

"I think it's great to show everybody all of the history that we have here," customer Debi Royalty said.

"We're just honored to be a part of the community and be serving the community," Sara Lung said.

Sara and Ted Lung's goal is to continue to share their food and historic pictures with their patrons.

With all of the historic pictures on the walls inside the Bailey House Restaurant, they hope to preserve Camp Point's legacy for future generations.

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