Macomb's history is "land-rich, but cash-poor"

A few days before Christmas in 1830, Macomb was officially recognized by the state of Illinois as a city. But before that recognition came, people were already establishing themselves in western and central Illinois.

"The land here was considered a part of the military tract, which was land set aside to give to the soldiers that fought in the war of 1812, so we would call the country at that time land-rich, but cash-poor," Sue Scott with Western Illinois Museum said.

Some of the soldiers who fought in the war of 1812 were entitled to certain benefits.

For example, any man who was enlisted for at least five years or more was given $16 and 160 acres of land.

Congress set aside this land as payment and also to honor the men who fought for their country.

The city of Macomb, sits in McDonough county.

"Now those two names, are names of generals, a commodore and a general, of the war of 1812, and so you can see there is a tie in the land, the military tract being recognizing the services of the war of 1812 soldiers, and we call them the sort of clever generals and commanders of that war," Scott said.

Those two are honored in Chandler Park for their services to America along with others from the most recent wars.

"They really loved the town and they wanted to make it a very good place to live, they build a foundation for the community," Scott said.

Macomb is also the county seat of McDonough County.

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