Lake Hill Winery brings class to Carthage one glass at a time

Craig and Anita Wear looking over their property at Lake Hill Winery and Banquet Hall in Carthage.

Craig and Anita Wear met in pharmacy school and use their education to help the citizens of Carthage get the medications they need at Wear Drug located at County Market.

But when they are not serving their community at work, they serve their community at play, at their winery. That's the

Lake Hill Winery


Banquet Hall

which opened in 2010.

According to Craig it all started with a trip to Australia.

"My last year of pharmacy school I was on rotation in Australia," Craig said. "Our preceptor kind of drug us on a wine tour and I didn't really like the wine, but I thought the setting was neat and that that would just kind of be a neat thing to venture into someday."

Anita says the winery is a great way to build relationships in the community.

"With the pharmacy you're just always so serious with all your patients and it's about their medicines and at the winery you're just having a good time with everybody else," Anita said. "So that's the fun part of things."

With the help of a consultant, Craig and Anita have produced several of their own

original wines

with fun names like "Bare It All Blackberry" and "Poppin Cherry".

One of the biggest features of the winery is a beautiful banquet hall that seats up to 400 people.

It features a wrap-around balcony and plenty of space for special events like wedding receptions.

The grounds also have a lakeside gazebo where couples can pledge their lives to one another.

But for both Craig and Anita their businesses are about more than medicines and merlot.

"We're in a local setting. We use locally grown grapes," Anita said. "We have a general desire to employ people and to bring more business to town. We're very small community and we've got big cities around us. So just the fact that people from out of town are coming to Carthage is just a huge bonus for us."

You can find out more about Craig and Anita Wear and their family



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