Kibbe Museum opens doors to the history of Carthage and Hancock County

Kibbe Museum started by and named after well known botanist and teacher Alice Kibbe.

History comes to life at the Kibbe.

The Kibbe Hancock Heritage Museum holds many of the historical treasures of Carthage and Hancock County.

Tim Tomlinson is the president of the museum board.

He is one of the people in charge of making sure that history is not lost.

The museum is named after Dr. Alice Kibbe , a well known botanist, who originally started collecting unique and historical items for the former Carthage College where she worked as a biology teacher.

"She had an appreciation for history before it was popular for a lot of other people to have, you know, a background in history," Tomlinson said. "She had a very eclectic collecting taste, from tools to hair wreaths to of course the biology and natural history aspects."

There is so much to see at the Kibbe Museum, from prehistoric fossils to indian arrowheads and from period fashions including arrow collars to spats for ladies shoes.

You can learn about the practice of medicine, the harsh reality of battlefield surgery and the unique way our ancestors handled death including a Civil War era ice casket.

"That was one of the early efforts to preserve the body long enough to get them home to bury. And they would have ice caskets where they could put the body in. They'd have ice at the various railroad stops to keep it cold, refrigerated and get it home and bury it," Tomlinson said.

Hancock County's educational, religious, domestic and military history are also on display.

Tomlinson says the goal of the museum is a simple one.

"It marks, you might say, key points in the life and the development and the way of life of the families of Hancock County," Tomlinson said.

And it's just waiting for you to come and explore.

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