Carthage Veterinary Service extends community's name around the world

Carthage Veterinary Service transforming Carthage College Campus and building community's reputation around the world.

Located in one of the buildings on the old Carthage College campus, Carthage Veterinary Services and Professional Swine Management provides a complete package of services for the swine farmer.

That's according to veterinarian and partner Dr. Doug Groth.

"Our veterinary side deals with animal health and care for, around the world for swine," Groth said. "Mainly here in the Midwest but we do travel internationally as well. The professional swine management company is all involved with complete management of sow facilities and some finishing for our clients."

Groth says his company takes some of the logistical burden off the swine farmer's shoulders.

"We offer full management from hiring and firing the labor, accounting services, nutrition work is here, all the training, ongoing training, the payroll is all through this office here," Groth said.

The name Carthage is well known in the international swine community where Dr. Groth and others have spoken on a variety of topics in countries like South America, Europe and China.

"We've also this past year entered into a joint venture with two gentlemen that live in China to develop a consulting business over there to have a presence there all the time," Groth said."So we're routinely kind of rotating guys to kind of spend a couple of weeks at a time and help build that business of consulting."

The company is now transforming another building on the campus into a state of the art training facility.

The Carthage Learning and Development Center will feature three rooms that will be examples of facilities or barns at a typical swine production.

On the far left-hand side there will be a ween-to-finish room for raising growing pigs.

The center room will contain a ferring house for early rearing of pigs when they're born.

On the right-hand side there will be a gestation room that'll have different types of housing capabilities including electronic sow feeding stations.

These rooms will be used to train people in all levels of swine management including equipment repair.

New employees will also be introduced to the inner workings of the business and it will also be a classroom for international students and partners.

The advantage of the training rooms is that all aspects of swine management can be addressed without the risk of contaminating the hogs at a real facility.

Doctor Groth says that he and his partners are very proud to extend the reputation of Carthage locally and around the world through its training facility and other services.

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