Canton mayor pulls double duty; owns popular business

Jarrod Phillips, a former alderman, turned mayor, is running the town of Canton, Missouri.

"On a daily basis I am responsible for overseeing the operations of the city, I serve on city council, my job is overseeing personal, insuring that work plans are implemented and completed,â?? Phillips said.

But Phillips has more on his plate than serving as Cantonâ??s mayor. Heâ??s also responsible for satisfying his towns hunger, one pizza, burger, or milk shake at a time.

"I started the business when I was a sophomore at Culver Stockton College,â?? 36-year-old Phillips said.

His business is Primo's, a restaurant he opened at the age of 19. Phillips started out in a building that only seated about 12 people, but he has moved twice as the restaurant gained popularity.

Phillips bought the current location of the restaurant in the year 2000. The comfort food joint can now seat 70 to 100 people.

Phillips said he does it all.

"I wait tables, I cook food, manages employees, payroll, pay taxes," Phillips said.

So after day in and day out working 12 to 13 hour shifts, what is it that keeps the Mayor going? He says itâ??s the love and support from the community.

"There are people that were little when I first started and are out of high school and college, and thatâ??s depressing, but at the same time very rewarding,â?? he said. â??To see that they still come back here and are still a part of my life and Iâ??m still apart of theirs, itâ??s very, very good,â?? Phillips added with a smile.

So what's next for the do-it-all Mayor?

"Someday Iâ??ll probably slow down a little bit, you know, I don't know, each day leads to its own challenges, so I just stick to what Iâ??m doing right now, Iâ??ve accomplished a lot, but with a family, I don't want to neglect my responsibilities there, so that's the most important job I've got,â?? he said.

Primoâ??s is located on 4th St, and is open seven days out of the week.

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