Camp Point publishing company spreads the good word

The Elliott Publishing Inc. will tell your story

Camp Point may be a small community, but its publishing company reaches a large audience.

If you have an interesting story, the reporters there might interview you and tell your story.

We keep the news localized, you know. It's everything that's going on in our communities," Elliott said.

Marcia Elliott has her finger on the pulse of every scoop in Adams County.

"It comes in various sources, just like most news media," Elliott said.

She's one of the co-owners of the Elliott Publishing, Inc.

It's a small operation that publishes The Camp Point Journal and three other papers.

"We also own the Golden-Clayton New Era. And then we own The Mendon Dispatch-Times and The Liberty Bee-Times, Elliott said.

All week long, Elliott and her staff collect content for the following week's papers.

"We probably average 16 pages here a lot. And our sizes, depending on our advertising base," Elliott said.

Next Elliott and her staff gather their stories - it's a detailed process.

"We set our pages all up in the computer. We've got columns pre-set. Everything is pre-set. And so then, as we put the articles in, we just create our pages, catch mistakes, fix mistakes. Then we package them, create a PDF file of them," Elliott said.

After it is completed, it's sent to another business in Astoria to be printed.

Then it's brought back to Elliott's office and put together.

And then ... "Bundle them for the mailing and out they go," Elliott said.

A brand new edition lands on residents' doorsteps every Wednesday.

Elliott enjoys the thrill of watching a blank page come to life. Something she hopes to continue doing for many more years.

"As long as we can keep doing it, yes," Elliott said.

Every week, Elliot Publishing, Inc. puts out 2,100 copies of The Camp Point Journal.

The company also makes business cards, envelopes or other specialty products. If you need anything of these products made, call 217-593-6515.

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