The Landing makeover

In the last few years, the Mark Twain Landing Resort in Ralls County had been falling into disrepair.

It was bought last year by Legacy RV Resorts and is now run by Bryant Management out of Houston, Texas.

The new owners have poured in quite a bit of money to spruce up the park.

We took a trip to the water park to take a look at the make over.

The Mark Twain Landing water park seems to have landed a good owner. In fact, when the owner comes up from Texas, you won't see him in a shirt and tie...instead, he may be helping plant flowers or paining...or maybe checking out one of the water slides.

There's a lot of new things here at the Landing for 07, but there's also a lot of remnants from yesteryear at the park. But each day, they're fixing that. The owners have pumped in one and a half million dollars into the entire resort and there's more to come. By the time the sun sets on summer, the park should look a little better. And this winter, there will be more changes to make 08 even better.

"We have a new kiddie attraction. We've resurfaced the wave pool. We opened the lazy river and we have a tiki bar at the water park," says General Manager Steve Lindsey.

"There's a need for it in the community. Otherwise you have to drive to St. Louis or Springfield. Why not do it here and promote the lake," says Lindsey.

You can check out the water park seven days a week through the summer from eleven to seven. And you can make it more of a family get away because there is also a campground, cabins, and condos to rent...many of them taking part in the makeover too.

"A lot of the cabins, we had to tear down and start over. Some we renovated. The restaurant and General Store got a complete makeover. It was in bad shape," adds Lindsey.

But now, things are better...and the future of the Mark Twain Landing resort is looking brighter than the midday sun.

There are also other activities at the Mark Twain Landing including go karts, bumper boats, and putt putt golf.