Spiders out in full force

You might enjoy watching Spiderman on the big screen, but that doesn't mean you enjoy seeing the *insect* that inspired the comic-book character.

You might have noticed an increase in spiders this time of year.

At least 5 people have told us they've seen more than usual this year.

We checked in with an exterminator to find out if that's the case....and if so, what *you* can do about it.

Reliable Pest Solutions, Garry Allen: "Spiders are always bad this time of year. Basically, they're coming in and just trying to find a warm place to go for the winter."

Rajah: Are they any worse than last year?Garry Allen: "It's hard to say. I don't think they're any worse. I think it just seems horrible because we're in the now.

Garry Allen works for Reliable Pest Solutions in Hannibal. He says this is the time of year when you might notice an increase in wolf spiders, cellar spiders, house spiders or even, the dangerous brown recluse. Even though they're inevitable in this part of the country, there are some things you can do to keep them out of your home.

Allen recommends sealing your home and repairing any cracks.....just as you would to keep the cold out. If you see cobwebs, knock them down. Destroying spiders' homes means they'll have to move on. And of course, treating your home inside and out can help reduce the population. And keep in mind, the problem *does* have a silver lining.

Garry Allen: "They do eat other insects. if you didn't have spiders, you'd probably have an overpopulation of another type of insect....beetles, flies, gnats. It's the natural order.

You might recall a brown recluse problem in Beardstown last May. The school district had to close Grand Avenue Elementary early after finding several brown recluse spiders inside the building. We checked in with Superintedent Robert Bagby for an update. He told us the school's last treatment was last month, and so far, it hasn't had any more problems.

As for other pests, Garry Allen also told us that you can expect an increase in box elders and Asian Lady beetles in the next couple of weeks.