LaGrange cleanup begins

Some LaGrange residents and business owners are beginning to see the devastation floodwaters have left behind.

The river there is at 19.9 feet and falling toward the community's 14-foot flood stage.

We spoke with one business owner who returned to her livelihood and got an inside look at some of the damage.

Peggy Corbin and her husband own PC Bait in downtown LaGrange. They invested in the business, because they thought it would be a good source of income during their retirement years. Five feet of floodwater stood in their building last month. Even though it's gone, mud now covers floors and mold has appeared on ceilings and doors.

Peggy Corbin said, "Unless you've been through it, you don't realize the devastation that standing water can cause. My ceiling fans just bowed down. The smell is horrible, and it's going to get worse. The mold will get worse. We'll have to keep the building aired out, and we'll have to scrub everything with Clorox."

The flood of '08 brought a double-whammy to the Corbin's. They own a video store in Canton, which they had to evacuate. That business turned out to be safe from floodwater. But its closing meant no income for Corbin's 2 businesses.

Did you ever dream you'd see a summer like you saw in '93?

"No, I didn't. I'm 61 years old, and I thought I'd be dead and gone before another flood like this, and I hope I never live through another one," Corbin said.

Corbin knows the insurance money will come. But she says she can't stop thinking about all of the hard work and effort it took to make her business what it was before the Mighty Mississippi came in, only to leave behind a muddy and moldy mess.

Thankfully, Peggy still has her sense of humor.

She asked us to pass along that if anyone finds her mailbox to please let her know.

In other LaGrange News, Terrible's Mark Twain Casino reopened for business Tuesday morning. Route B is still closed at this time.