Big Dam Wedding Reception

You might have heard about a wedding reception in Quincy this Saturday......but this one will be a little different than other receptions you've been to.

That's because this one doesn't have a bride or groom.

Quincy's Young Professionals, or Y-P, is sponsoring what it calls, "the Big Dam Wedding Reception."

The organization is a group of young professionals throughout the area who get together to recruit, retain and engage young people in the area.

The reception will take place from 7 to 11 at Quincy University's Hall of Fame Room.

It's free to Y-P members.

Non-members can get in for $25, while couples get in for 40-dollars.

Non-members will also receive a free Y-P members for attending.

Y-P even has a registry at Walmart and County Market.....all of those gifts will be donated to the Madonna House.

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